Lipstick Red Dishtowel



The day had been busy, but very successful. Now everyone was talking about it. Two months ago, when she decided to give the bridal shower, she wondered how to make it unique. The next day, while baking a loaf of bread and using her favorite dishtowel, she had the perfect idea! Wimpole Street dishtowels would set this shower apart from the others. From game prizes to party favors, she was able to find dishtowels to reflect each guest’s personalities and kitchen colors. With so many colors and designs to choose from, she decided to give these as the bridal gift also! An adorable set of 10 holiday dishtowels. Valentine’s day, Halloween, Christmas, and many holidays in between. It was perfect! Holidays for the new bride would be memorable. Yes, these Wimpole Street dishtowels were the hit of the party! After all, who doesn’t love a variety of dishtowels to choose from in their kitchen? This dishtowel is tightly woven, 19"x 28", 100% cotton

$4.50 each

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